Undergraduate Program

Becoming a Middle Grades Teacher

Young adolescents are a unique age group, in the midst of developing their adult identities. It is rewarding to be an important part of this process for them.

Middle school teachers often teach in interdisciplinary teams. Such an organization promotes cooperation and collegiality. It is helpful to work alongside others when planning instruction, developing curriculum, and working with students and their families.

Teaching in a middle school often gives you an opportunity to explore multiple interests of your own. At Appalachian State University, we require our teacher candidates to pursue two concentrations among language arts, math, science, and social studies. Candidates will progress through a cohort model to complete the required curriculum.

Curriculum/Programs of Study:
        Language Arts and Mathematics
        Language Arts and Science
        Language Arts and Social Studies
        Mathematics and Science
        Mathematics and Social Studies
        Science and Social Studies

A comprehensive course of study for the undergraduate program is provided in the Programs of Study.

Overall Program Components

Program Components

Semester Hours

General Studies44
Professional Core Including Student Teaching24
Academic Concentrations25-32
Middle Grades Courses and Internships24

Note: Each academic concentration requires a minimum of 24 semester hours. However, some courses taken to meet general studies requirements also count toward academic concentrations.

A total of 44 semester hours of general studies is required for all Appalachian State University degree candidates. Additionally, all degree candidates seeking licensure as teachers complete 24 semester hours that include: (a) CI 2300: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age; (b) FDN 2400: Critical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning; (c) PSY 3010: Psychology Applied to Teaching; (d) SPE 3300: Creating Inclusive Learning Committees; (e) CI 3400: Policies and Practices in Educational Assessment; and (f) CI 4900: Student Teaching. The courses must be completed with a "C" or better.

For additional information contact Dr. Laurie A. Ramirez, Middle Grades Undergraduate Program Director: 828-262-8008 or ramirezla@appstate.edu

Participate in the Collegiate Middle Level Education Association (CMLA)!

The Collegiate Middle Level Education Association is a student organization focused on professional development and service opportunities for preservice middle grades teachers.  Please consider joining today.   For additional information contact Dr. Laurie A. Ramirez, Middle Grades Undergraduate Program Director: 828-262-8008 or ramirezla@appstate.edu.

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