Current Students

Block I

Congratulations on the accomplishments that have gotten you to this point!  We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue a career in middle grades education. We hope that you find your coursework, field experiences, and especially your interactions with young adolescents rewarding and worthwhile.

This website has been developed to provide you the information and resources you will need to complete the middle grades program successfully.

Contents include the following:

Block II

Teacher candidates enter Block II during the first semester of their senior year, prior to the student teaching experience. Block II consists of the following required courses:

Program of Study

  • CI-4490-Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (4)
  • RE-4630-Reading in the Content Area (2)
  • CI/RE-4300-Literacy, Language, and Culture in the Middle Grades (3)

Candidates select two of the following methods courses, depending on their selected concentrations:

  • CI-3060-Social Studies in the Middle Grades (3)
  • RE-3150-Language Arts in the Middle Grades (3)
  • CI-4040-Mathematics in the Middle Grades (3)
  • GS-4403-Teaching Science in the Middle and High School (3)

During the first ten weeks of the Block II candidates complete the requirements for these courses. In the final five weeks of the semester, they complete a full-time internship under the supervision of a Master Teacher in one of our Professional Development Schools.

Featured assignments in Block II include the development of an integrated, interdisciplinary, thematic unit, an analysis of content expertise, and an evaluation of teaching effectivness.

State and Program Standards

Please see the following documents for State and Program Standards in Middle Grades Education: