Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Middle Grades Education

The Master of Arts in Middle Grades Education is a fully online, standards-driven, performance-based program. Successful completion of the program leads candidates to be recommended for graduate "M" level middle grades licensure in the subject area selected for the degree. All degree candidates must successfully present graduation portfolios (Products of Learning).

 Program of Study:

Required Courses: 22 to 24 s.h.

  • CI 5525: Product of Learning (1-3)
  • CI 5550: Successful Schools for Young Adolescents (3)
  • CI/LSA 5585: Teacher Leadership and School Improvement (3)
  • CI 5650: Middle Level Instruction and Assessment (3)
  • CI 5750: Teaching Diverse Young Adolescents (3)
  • CI 5850: Middle Level Curriculum (3)
  • Choose one course from the three below:
    • CI/RE/RES/SPE 5040: Teacher as Research (3)
    • RES 5000: Research Methods (3)
    • RES 5560: Classroom Assessment (3)
  • Choose one course from the two below:
    • CI 5630: Instructional Technology (3)
    • ITC 5220: Digital Technologies in Education (3)

Academic Concentration Courses: 9-15 s.h. of graduate courses are selected with the advice and approval of the academic advisor from ONE of the following concentrations:

Electives: 0-8 s.h. of graduate courses to be selected with the advice and approval of the academic advisor.

For additional information contact Dr. Chris Cook, Middle Grades Graduate Program Director: 828-262-6062,

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Graduate Certificate Program in Middle & Secondary Education

Appalachian's Graduate Certificate in Middle and Secondary Teaching is a 19- or 24-credit-hour accelerated teacher licensure program. It leads to recommendation for an N.C. initial teaching license and includes three semesters of coursework and a related field-based practicum. Candidates who have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution will expand upon their knowledge in a related undergraduate/content major while integrating teaching theory, practice and preparation for today's culturally diverse and technology-enhanced classrooms.

For additional information about this program contact Dr. Holly Thornton, 828-262-8007,