Middle Grades Accelerated Admissions Program (4+1)

Middle Grades Accelerated Admissions Program (4+1):  Baccalaureate to Master's

The Graduate School offers a program entitled "Accelerated Admission: Baccalaureate to Master's," which is intended for Appalachian Middle Grades undergraduate students who wish to enroll in graduate courses during their senior year. With this program, a graduate program director can nominate a rising senior (i.e., a student in the second semester of the junior year) or current senior to take graduate coursework during that student's senior year that can fulfill both undergraduate and graduate course requirements toward the completion of a graduate degree program.

Eligible students are those who:

  • Have a 3.4 cumulative GPA
  • Are ready as seniors to take graduate coursework (must have completed 90 hours by the end of the nomination semester). Nominations for students not yet at 90 hours will be held till then end of the term.
  • Are nominated by the graduate program director in the desired graduate degree program.
  • Submission deadlines:
    • By 5 PM on the last Friday in March to begin graduate coursework in the Fall of the senior year OR
    • By 5 PM on the last Friday in October to begin graduate coursework in the Spring of the senior year
  • Nomination forms can be found on our Forms page under Admissions Materials.

Once a student is accepted, which requires finishing the junior year (completing at least 90 hours) and maintaining an overall 3.4 GPA, they should follow the following process:

Information for Students

Planning the Program of Study (Second semester of junior year):

  1. Once selected into the program, students should meet with their undergraduate major advisor and graduate program director to determine which graduate course(s) they will take during their senior year. Students must take at least one (1) graduate course during the senior year, which must also be must be used to fulfill an undergraduate degree requirement to fully matriculate into the Accelerated Admissions program.
  2. Once the 3.4 GPA is confirmed, the student will be permitted to take up to 12 hours of graduate coursework while completing their senior year. All 12 hours may be used to meet undergraduate minor, major, or degree requirements, and be applied to the graduate degree Program of Study. Students should talk with their undergraduate advisor and graduate program director to make sure they select courses that will count both ways. (Note that seniors may not take graduate hours in Thesis, Independent/Individual Study, or Internship)
  3. Students in the Accelerated Admissions program are no longer required to submit Sr. Permission Forms. They may register for graduate coursework on their own. 

Submitting the Formal Application to Graduate School (During the senior year and before the graduate program admission deadline):

Accelerated Admissions students will later apply for regular admission to the Graduate School during their senior year. Students should check with the appropriate graduate degree program director to find out the deadlines for application to the AppState graduate degree program they intend to enter. The application for admission is available at graduate.appstate.edu.

Once the student has submitted his or her application to the AppState graduate degree program of their choice, they should send an email to gradadmissions@appstate.edu to let the Graduate School know that they are an Accelerated Admissions student and to provide the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Banner ID
  • Intended Graduate Degree Program

For additional information contact Dr. Laurie A. Ramirez, Middle Grades Undergraduate Program Director: 828-262-8008 or ramirezla@appstate.edu